by Rakefire

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released May 29, 2019

Recording, mixing and mastering by Ben Lionetti and Jesse Castro at Loud Lion Productions.


all rights reserved





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Track Name: Railway spine
Cut the chord or you'll never be free.
Hit the lights or you're never going to see.
Track Name: Let me sleep
I'm tired of lighting candles, just to watch them burn down.
I'm tired of the sound my body makes as it hits the ground.
I'm tired of seeing my friends in caskets, even though we all must die.
I'm tired of my bad habits and how they keep me up at night.
I close my eyes but when I wake, I'm reunited by my mistakes.
I don't want to be woken.
You can't fix what has been broken.
All I wanted was some peace of mind but I dug myself way too deep.
Now I want to leave this place behind but until then just let me sleep.
Track Name: DNR
I've lived a life that I plan on giving up.
So when I close my eyes just know I've had enough.
I've been chiming the same tune for too long.
I can't pump the brakes because they've been gone.
We must all face death one day, but death fucking follows me.
Do not resuscitate.
No life no love, death is my soulmate.
This is checkmate.
No teams no rules, life is a fucking game.
Don't pretend you can relate when the thought of death makes you shake.
You may have been bent, but never broken.
Just let me die.
Track Name: Nailbiter
I'm losing sight but I'm not scared.
"I'll never have a sober night" or so I've declared.
Only remembering in shades of gray but I'll never forget the tricks you played.
Empty out my colorful eyes in preparation for one hell of a night.
My hands shake, my memories buried.
I try to drown out my pain from the weight I have carried.
Fade away, numb the pain.
Hell yeah what a life I am living.
Repeating mistakes that can't be forgiven.
I can't tell the difference between the days and nights but I can tell you when to turn out the lights.
Turn out the lights.
Fade away, fade to gray.
Track Name: Bed Swerver
Two eyes, one chest.
One mind, that never forgets.
Two hands, no heart.
Just a body encased in scars.
From bed to bed I take apart my head.
Wishing I was somebody else instead.
With grace, take me.
My love, you burned out this whore in me.
A heart is useless unless it bleeds.
From bed to bed I take apart my head.
Wishing I was someone else instead.
I'm not the one that you will keep.
I'm the one that you will take piece by piece.

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